I Like To Be Right

I like to be right.

This is considered by many people to be a pretty egocentric statement, yet most of us can certainly relate to it. But there are both egocentric and humble/honest ways of approaching “being right”.

One approach to “being right” is to pick the position that you like best (for whatever reason) and defend it to the death. In defending it, anything goes – “straw man” arguments, cherry picking facts, quote mining, confusing the debate with twisted logic, keeping on the offensive instead of defending your own position, you name it. The goal is not to actually be right, just feel right.

Another approach, and the one that I prefer, is to scrutinize everything you believe and be constantly trying to disprove yourself. This is not to achieve external recognition or to feel good about yourself or your position. In fact, it can be very frustrating and demoralizing at times! You have to get comfortable with not knowing where you stand on issues that are very important to you. After all, if you want to be honest and be right, sometimes the only truthful, accurate thing you can say is “I don’t know”!

Of course, you have to live life, so sometimes you have to pick what seems like the best answer and just go with it until you figure out something better, but the big difference is that you don’t stop seeking. The goal in this case might more accurately be described as being the “least wrong” you can be.

However, it is this constant searching that has led me to learn about logic, and that has helped me to gain insights into some very fundamental questions of life. Sometimes it’s not an “answer” per se, but it often helps me do a much better job of figuring out what is truly the best position to take on particular matters – usually helping me lead a better, more engaged, more connected, more authentic, more empowered life with more of a sense of the sacred and miraculous.

(And by that I don’t mean of the supernatural variety – I feel the natural world is full of the sacred and miraculous!)

The Big Answer has been my biggest achievement to date, and I believe it is the most important and fundamental discovery possible, especially since it is what underlies truth itself, and therefore forms the basis of any search for truth and makes discoveries of any kind possible. While that has it’s own site dedicated to it at www.thebiganswer.org, this site is my dumping ground for ideas with a similar logical approach.

The big difference you’ll notice between the two sites is that The Big Answer site is impersonal. There are almost no “I” statements. This comes back to my strategy for being “right” – constantly challenging my own position. I feel that leaving the concepts on the stage, and joining my readers in the audience, we can have a more open and objective discussion about them.

This site is still logical, but the topics it deals with are a mix of insights that might help you gain insight when choosing your “least wrong” answers, rather than being answers in and of themselves. If you have specific feedback on one of the concepts, I welcome your input!

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